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After you pre-order a membership

Pre-ordering a Business Membership secures you a listing (public profile/page) on our platform, which will ultimately allow users to make bookings and interact with your business after our platform is released. Pre-ordering was recently introduced to communicate with businesses who join us during our early stages, and also reward them.

After you pre-order a membership you will be greeted by our founder and/or Business Expansions, who will guide you on board.

You will be updated at every stage of development, and as we get closer to the release date of our platform our Business Expansions team will assist you with creating & managing your public profile/page and give you a comprehensive guide on how to operate on our platform - ultimately preparing you for our launch.

After you register your interest

Registering your interest is completely free - it's just a way of expressing your interest in our platform.

After you register your interest you will automatically be entered into our Business Membership giveaway, where we will be giving away at least Lifetime Business Memberships to at least 20 beautiful and lucky businesses. Businesses who register their interest also get access to support from our team, and frequent updates on the development of our platform.

Help is also at hand if you initially wanted to become a Business Member and are in need of financial assistance - we're always here to help.