Who are we? 

Who are 

We're on a mission to transform and modernise the Hair and Beauty Industry, alongside other close-by sectors. Boof is primarily transforming the way you pay businesses in these industries, by introducing a BNPL ( Buy Now Pay Later ) feature on our platform. 

It's about time the Hair and Beauty Industry has its phase of modernisation, and we're leading that phase. Our platform will ultimately allow users to discover over 67,000 businesses and treatments, make bookings seamlessly and spread their payments stress-free & interest-free.

User Focus

Convenience - it's what everybody needs. We want users to have a seamless experience when searching for their weekly treatments. Discover over 67,000 treatments across the UK, from your average weekly haircut, to a cheeky five star spa getaway - make seamless bookings, and spread your payments with ease.

We're taking convenience to a whole other level - alongside the aforementioned main features, users will also be able to earn rewards for frequent bookings, directly communicate with their businesses, view traffic/waiting times and lot's more. Click the 'View all our features' button to find out more.

Business User Focus

We're the only booking company within the Hair and Beauty Industry that doesn't charge businesses awkward prices yearly for memberships, and we also don't take commission! We love our partners, and we want to see you grow - charging you hundreds on yearly subscriptions is not fair. When you become our partner, you really are a partner.

Pricing for businesses is a huge factor when getting listed on our platform. We're the only booking platform out there that doesn't have unaffordable yearly subscription fees, and we don't take any commission.

We want businesses that work with us to prosper, and that's why we're over 10x cheaper than other booking platforms, have more features on our platform (which benefit both users and businesses), and lot's more.

Listed businesses enjoy unlimited bookings, automatic accounting, unique features for both users and themselves, and much more - all commission-free (unlike other booking platforms)


During our early-stages, businesses can pre-order their membership starting for just £79 (One-time payment) with no additional fees. This only applies to the first 10,000 businesses who pre-order - these prices will subsequently normalise and also holds a monthly subscription of just £8.99 (once our platform is ready, and you're ready to press the start button!).

Are you a business?